Advertising has changed immensely over the last few years, It's even changed quite a bit this month. Being a creative director today, requires not only the ability to develop and lead teams and direct unexpected concepts that are relevant to the clients audience, they also have to be in lock-step with where the audience is spending their time. We also need to understand the best ways to leverage each unique medium for our clients. More often than not, they're destinations like Snapchat, Flipboard, Instagram, YouTube and Linkedin. Remember the good old days when we just focused on Facebook, Twitter and the occasional display ad? There are, however, simple truths that live on through it all... Love. Respect. Honor. Truth. Justice. Humor. These are the real selling propositions for every client. Let's uphold the simple things that we as people care about most. It's good for people and for business. In the relentless barrage of messaging out there, only dead-simple meaningful and single-minded ideas will play through and possibly live on in people's imaginations. So armed, we may-- just maybe--nudge consumers a tiny bit in the direction we hope they'll lean. Of course, a decent budget doesn't hurt either.